Club MG

We want to reward the loyalty and trust placed by our Militaria-Girona clients.
Enjoy exclusive advantages when buying in our online store and accumulate MG Points that you can exchange for discount vouchers for your future purchases.

All your purchases in the Militaria-girona online store are rewarded with 2% of your net purchase in MG Points, not including taxes, shipping fees or others.

For every 10 MG Points you will get discount vouchers for an amount of € 1.

For example, if you have accumulated 100 MG Points in your account, you can exchange them for a discount voucher of € 10 for your next purchase.

Make any purchase in our online store and see immediately the amount of MG Points you will earn with the purchase. In addition, you will be able to see the total of MG Points that you have accumulated in your account in the section my rewards.

When you want to exchange MG Points for discount vouchers, log into your account and in MY POINTS transform the MG Points into vouchers with the discount amount.

Once the MG Points have been transformed into discount vouchers, you will obtain the voucher number so that you can use it on your next purchase. You can see all the vouchers you have available at any time by visiting MY DISCOUNT Vouchers in your account.


Do I have to be registered in Militaria-girona to be a member of Club MG?
Yes, you have to have a customer account on the website

How many days do I have to redeem MG Points for discount vouchers?
MG Points expire 365 days after they have been earned. We will send you emails reminding you of the expiration date and the amount of MG Points that you could lose so that you can redeem them sooner.

Can I transfer or share my MG Points with another person?
Sorry, MG Points are personal and non-transferable. To enjoy the discount vouchers you must make purchases from the same user.

I have changed or canceled my order, will I lose the MG Points obtained?
If you cancel or return your order, the MG Points obtained for that purchase will also be canceled. The same happens if you modify your purchase, your MG Points will be modified automatically.

Can you use the discount vouchers obtained by Club MG with other offers?
No, the discount vouchers obtained in the Club MG program are not compatible with other offers or promotions. Unless otherwise stated.