100% hand-painted wooden. 37X28-20cm

Written according to the Byzantine tradition of preserving all the canons of iconography

Made with traditional materials (wood selected, egg tempera, gold leaf, natural powder paint and varnishes) and ancient techniques. Exact reproduction of a work of ancient Ortodox art 

Unique work of art created in the late 20th and sold directly firsthand

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It is the figure of Jesus most widespread and known; Epiphany expresses the transcendent God who has taken human form. It is the image of the Lord of the Universe, the Almighty ( '' Pantocrator '' in Greek means '' powerful '')

This represents only the bust.

The original is made of wood, painted egg tempera and measures 76x57cm. 18th. Archaeological Center belongs to the Ecclesiastical Academy of Moscow.


I do all these works myself, and by own hand.

First, I prepare the table by applying 7-8 layers of a mixture of rabbit tail, chalk (calcium carbonate) and water. Once dry, I smooth the surface to make it smooth, and draw the silhouette, and the main lines of the icon.

Then I proceed to the golden gilt and / or bottom giving a layer of red yellow ocher, varnish for gilders and I apply the gold leaves carefully, letting them dry.

After 24 hours I gentlyclean the surface to remove the excess' gold particles, and I give a coat of lacquer to protect the gold.

The colors are prepared using very milled, and dry pigments which they are mixed with the yolk which they have been diluted with water and shellac.
When the first layer of color has dried, a second coat is given using the same color but more diluted in water. The procedure is repeated several times (6-7 layers) starting with the dark colors and ending with the light.

The faces, hands and feet are painted by myself at the end as well as their luminous tones. To finish the job, I write the inscriptions and in some my signature, which is my name in Russian Cyrillic "лаура", and the year that I painted it.

Once finished, and when it has completely dried, I apply a thin layer of varnish to protect it.

                                                                                                               Лаура Ф

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