100% wood hand painted, oil painting and later varnished to protect it. 30x22cm

Written according with the Byzantine style, and tradition of preserving all the canons of iconography. It is an exact reproduction of an antique Byzantine masterpiece.

Unique piece of Art created late 20th, and sold directly by first hand.

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In the East it has been held since late sixth century under the name of "Dormitio" or "Koimesis". It corresponds in the West with the Assumption of the Virgin (body and soul).

In the center of the composition Mary "sleep" with hands crossed on his chest and head slightly elevated, lying on a bed richly adorned hands. He wears the mantle of purple "maphorion", a sign of royalty. Risen Christ holds in his hands the soul of Mary wrapped in the grave clothes. The dark green halo around Christ, is full of angels and archangels. Around the body of Mary is all the apostolic college, Peter and James, first bishop of Jerusalem and brother of the Lord. A Jew named Jefonías wants to overthrow the coffin, but an angel cuts off both arms, which are suspended from the coffin.

All images and western Byzantine Dormition of Mary reflect a greater or lesser extent the main characters, events and circumstances described by the Apocrypha.

Original: The Dormition of the Virgin. Russia (Novgorod?) Around 1300. Icon Museum Recklinghausen (Germany).


I do all these works myself, and by own hand.

First, I prepare the table by applying 7-8 layers of a mixture of rabbit tail, chalk (calcium carbonate) and water. Once dry, I smooth the surface to make it smooth.

Then I draw the outline and the main lines of the icon and I proceed to apply oil paint.

The faces, hands and feet at the end of the paint and bright tones.

To finish the job, I write the inscriptions and in some my signature, which is my name in Russian Cyrillic "лаура", and the year that I painted it.

Once finished, and when it has completely dried, I apply a thin layer of varnish to protect it.

Лаура Ф

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