Military Awards


Insignias and distinctions granted by different armies, including the United States and the Soviet Union and countries of the socialist era, to decorate their soldiers.

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Medal for 30 years faithful Service in the Military Arms of the Ministry of Interior. Was instituted on 22 January 1959.

Deutsche Demokratische Republik. Medaille für Treue Dienste in der bewaffneten Organen des Ministeriums des Innern, für 30 Dienstjahre

Circular gilt medal. Diameter 35 mm. 

Obverse: ‘FÜR 30 JAHRE TREUE DIENST’ (for 30 years’ faithful service). Police star with the state coat of arms of the German Democratic Republic.

Reverse: state coat of arms of the DDR

With ribbon bar and case.

Perfect condition. Well preserved!

Established 8 July 1944. Awarded to mothers who gave birth to 6 children and brought them up.

The award was performed only when the last of her children reached one year of age, if all her other children were alive.

Adopted children were also taken into account, as being born to the rewarded mother. Made of Silver. 

4,000,000 were issued.

The Military Exploit Order shall be adwarded or posthumously  on individuals who have recorded outstanding and brave exploits in combat, training, force building, consolidation of the all-people defense and people's security, or have sacrificed their lives heroically.

Measures: 43x40 mm

Obverse: Inscribed “HUÂN CHƯƠNG - QUAN CONG”

Used. Loose, unboxed.

Perfect condition. Well preserved!